The new 2020-21 must-have is called ear cuff, the word of all the coolest influencers of the moment. It is the most loved and desired earring, which in recent years has conquered more and more women and can also be hooked to the not-pierced ear. A jewel, therefore, that is literally "worn", that dresses, almost covering the entire ear. And it is in this scenario that, an innovative start-up, always focused on cutting-edge technological projects, proposes itself on the market with an idea in which art and technology blend together, creating something new and different from the sum of its elements, AroundTheSound. An evocative brand, which invites the imagination to visualise something related to music, and specifically one of the best-selling technological tools of recent years, the earphones.

Technology meets the artistic talent of jewelry designer Rosalba Balsamo, who engages in this new project, showing us her very personal dialogue with the most famous earphones in the world, reinventing their portability, redesigning the canons of beauty and functionality, giving them the appearance and preciousness of a designer jewel. The AroundTheSound project was born from the desire to create a jewel that went beyond its aesthetic value. Earrings, present since ancient times, with their magical, superstitious, beauty or power meanings, have undergone many transformations over the centuries but continue to be an ornament of beauty, seduction, or even a simple accessory to wear every day.

Today, however, there are essential technological accessories in our daily actions, such as wireless earphones that interfere with the "classic earrings". Apple, for example, sold nearly 60 million AirPods in 2019. Hence the desire to combine jewelry with the world of these incredible earphones, with the desire to find common ground between art, design and new technologies. The designer reiterates the uniqueness of its manufacturing on the undifferentiated mass production of technology, strictly "Apple Airpods ready", to be worn over the ear as to be the ultimate chic in terms of fashion and lifestyle.

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